JSPS PSE143 Workshop No.27 Process Control Technology:
Model-Free Direct PID Controller Tuning E-FRIT
(Extended Fictitious Reference Iterative Tuning)

MATLAB Program


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(Extended Fictitious Reference Iterative Tuning)

The E-FRIT is a direct controller tuning algorithm, which can optimize control parameters from closed-loop operation data without building a process model. The E-FRIT algorithm was developd by Workshop No.27, which was supported by JSPS PSE 143rd committee, in order to solve the problem that process control engineers had encountered in the process industry: how to tune PID parameters without modeling.

Here is an asnwer.

So far, E-FRIT has been used in several petrochemical companies and has succeeded in improving the control performance and increasing profits. We hope you can benefit from this program of E-FRIT.