JSPS PSE143 Workshop No.27 Process Control Technology:
Model-Free Direct PID Controller Tuning E-FRIT
(Extended Fictitious Reference Iterative Tuning)

MATLAB Program


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E-FRIT MATLAB Toolbox/Program

The E-FRIT is a direct controller tuning algorithm, which can optimize control parameters from closed-loop operation data without building a process model.

Here you can download the latest version of E-FRIT MATLAB Toolbox/Program.

Update History

The Quich Start is prepared only in Japanese at this moment. You can understand how to use the E-FRIT MATLAB Toolbox/Program by checking its source files with description in English.

E-FRIT version 2.0 was released. [ZIP 641KB]
E-FRIT version 1.1 was released.
E-FRIT version 1.0 was released.